Week 6: Jumping Ship

Kneeling on a platform at Blue Grotto Dive Resort in Williston, FL. Photo By Robby Myers.

Kneeling on a platform at Blue Grotto Dive Resort in Williston, FL. Photo By Robby Myers.

Well it’s the end of my internship at Bonnier, and I can’t believe how fast six weeks flew by. I’ve had such a wonderful summer per everyone at Bonnier and OWUSS, and I can’t thank these two groups enough for this experience.

This week I worked mainly online to clean up Scuba Diving’s tagged web pages. It took the entirety of two days to go through the “Photos” tag and clear out articles that weren’t related to underwater photography. It seemed a bit tedious when I was given the assignment, but it was actually really fun to go through so many articles, especially ones dating back to the early 2000’s. Diving has sure changed a lot since then, and it makes me wonder how much it will have changed when I look back 10 years from now.

Thursday was my last day in the office because I had a job interview in Gainesville on Friday morning. I applied to be the managing editor of The Independent Florida Alligator, a local newspaper run by the students of the University of Florida. I had worked at The Alligator for three semesters, and I wanted to take on more responsibility as the editor-in-chief’s right-hand woman. In the interview, I was able to talk a lot about my internship — especially about journalistic skills I’ve honed and ideas I’ve been inspired by at Bonnier. The hiring board was very impressed by my work with the dive group, and I got the job!

I will definitely keep in touch with the Bonnier team, and I plan to contribute to both magazines in the future. I want to thank the entire OWUSS family for making this possible — it has been an amazing summer of growth and experience, and I am eternally grateful.


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