Diving In

By Sarah Barchus

As a scuba diver sharing my experience as a media intern for the Bonnier Dive Group, I thought it appropriate to detail my days in a format divers can relate to: the dive log. So, from here on out let me be (dive) brief.

Dive No.: Week One (Five dives)
Location: Sport Diver and Scuba Diving magazines, Bonnier offices in Winter Park, FL

Time In: 8 am
Time Out: 5 pm

Bottom time: About 40 hours

Depth: Not too far over my head

Starting Air Pressure: High: Excited breathing
Ending Air Pressure: Ambient: Breathing it all in

Exposure Protection:
˙ Business Casual
˙ Thinking cap
˙ Self-confidence

Weight: Healthy workload kept me busy

Air: Beautiful Florida
On the surface: I’m cool, calm, and collected
Bottom line: I received a warm welcome

˙ Fresh water (Florida rain)
˙ Salt water (Florida’s a bit warmer than Wisconsin)
˙ Water cooler (All the good gossip— just kidding!)
˙ Shore (Stayed on land)
˙ Boat (I’m on board with the internship)
˙ Waves (Haven’t created any yet!)

Visibility: Sneak peek at the world of magazine publishing, accessed through the
backdoor of Sport Diver and Scuba Diving magazines

After exploring the site the weekend before starting my internship (Winter Park,
Florida, has a charming historical district teeming with tasty stops, trendy shops,
and several green spaces to park oneself), I was eager to dive in. And so with a
deep breath (full disclosure—I may have broken the No. 1 rule of diving and held
my breath), I made my giant-stride entrance through Bonnier Corporation’s doors.
Although they were made of glass, what lay ahead of me was a little unclear. What
would my profile be? Silent shadow? Coffee collector?

But from the start, the table was turned on those stereotypical intern images. Just
like the BBQ I enjoyed with the some of the Dive Group members at senior editor
Patricia Wuest’s house the evening before, I discovered that my time would be
stuffed with experiences I would savor.

This week I sampled some of the steps of the magazine process. Navigating some
cubicle coral, I was corralled into a few meetings — the Monday debriefing, a special
issue spread planning, and a digital discussion regarding how to improve Sport
’s online presence — and I fact-checked and edited some articles, posted
content to the website and Facebook, observed set-up for a photo shoot, and even
wrote a short front-of-the-book piece for Sport Diver. Talking shop, I’d have to give
my experience a PADI (Perfect Adventure of a Dive Internship) five-star rating so
far. With the help of experienced guides like Patricia and managing editor Rebecca
Strauss, creative minds like art director Elizabeth Fleener, and the ever-essential
technical crew, I am confident, and I can’t wait to continue my excursion.

Here’s one of my Facebook posts for Sport Diver:
Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 5.44.53 PM


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