Keys Life

Now that I am home, I have had a chance to go through some of my pictures and reminisce about how amazing my life in Key Largo was. I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to be down there and work with REEF and I can’t wait to go back to visit. I believe that pictures speak louder than words sometimes so here are a few from my time in the Keys.

Key Largo 6-4-14 141


Key Largo 6-4-14 031

Sargent Majors

7-8-14 090

Christ of the Abyss Statue

7-8-14 075

Beautiful reefs

7-8-14 059

Sargent Majors

7-8-14 052

Bluehead wrass

7-8-14 041


7-8-14 027

Sea fans

7.5.14 225

Giant schools of fish on Alligator

7.5.14 217


7.5.14 207

Alligator Lighthouse

7.5.14 179

Rainbow Parrotfish at Alligator Reef

7.5.14 169

Underwater structure at Alligator Reef

7.5.14 160

Over Under at Alligator

7.5.14 010

More turtles!

7.5.14 111

So colorful!

7.5.14 110

Yellowtail Snapper at Molasses Reef

7.5.14 065

Beautiful day at Molasses Reef

7.5.14 053

Nurse shark that swam right under me at Molasses Reef

bahamas mon

Enjoying the sunset in the Bahamas

Derby life

Derby Life

Lionfish research

About to hop in the water for a Lionfish Survey


Packing up Lionfish


Night dive with Ocean Divers


Pouring rain at the Palm Beach Derby




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